THANK YOU, Karen!! I had never heard of the Fraction Slash, very useful.


On 10/10/13 9:52 PM, Karen Ackoff wrote:
> And yes, you can format your own fractions. Here's how I do it...
> I type out the fraction. BUT instead of using the forward slash 
> character, use the FRACTION SLASH instead. On Mac, this character is 
> option+shift+1. And let's just say my body copy is 10 points... I set 
> the size of the numbers to 8 points and then I apply baseline shift to 
> the numerator as desired. And I adjust the kerning as necessary. I do 
> this only once... then copy & paste as needed. Once I've formatted ONE 
> fraction, I can paste, and change the numbers for other fractions.

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