Visitor Center Manager Position is open at Goddard Space Flight Center. Museum Exhibits and 
management skills will be valuable.


About the Job
Visitor Center Project Manager

We are seeking a Project Manager to direct and control the day-to-day management and administrative 
functions at NASA Goddard Space Flight Visitor Center (VC) and the Educator Resource Center. You 
will be responsible for leading the staff and volunteers, evaluating the effectiveness of programs 
and exhibits, and the development and implementation of public programs and events in partnership 
with NASA Goddardís mission and education staff. You will work diplomatically with many offices and 
divisions in the smooth, safe operation of the Visitor Center and assure compliance with all 
directives, requests or policies from security, safety, facilities, education, communications, and 
the Office of the Center Director. You will manage the volunteer program and work to recruit and 
train new volunteers. You will periodically host members of the media and press, and occasionally 
represent Goddard to the press through interviews. You will assist with major VIP functions such as 
hosting major political and international leaders.

The facility includes a Science on a Sphere theater, multipurpose room, Educator Resource Center, 
interactive exhibits gallery, and outdoor Rocket Garden and the new Astrobiology Walk.

Typical Functions:

∑ Manage the VC to ensure that implementation and prescribed activities are carried out in 
accordance with terms specified in the VC Task Plan, Safety Plan, and all governing NASA policies
∑ Exercise control over personnel responsible for specific functions or phases of program.
∑ Prepare program reports
∑ Attend all required Goddard and NASA HQ meetings
∑ Speak and give public presentations on selected topics; serves as host and moderator when necessary
∑ Present a variety of educational and outreach programs to diverse audiences
∑ Oversee the marketing and public information functions needed to promote VC programs and events 
via distribution of literature, operation of the listserve, and frequent updating of its Facebook page
∑ Partake in all required NASA training and assure that all staff complete required training
∑ Respond to NASAís Statement of Work (SOW) by preparing a task plan that includes understanding and 
technical approach
∑ Develop exhibits in partnership with NASA Goddard mission staff
Provide management oversight and accountability for exhibits, artifacts, and special projects
Ability to frequently rebalance priorities and resources as new needs arise or new assignments are 
given or in response to surprise developments
Development, detailed plans, layouts, timetables and budgets for special projects, including 
exhibits and facilities related projects
Ensuring the site, its operations and exhibitions are clean, safe, and well maintained
Ability to react quickly and calmly to unexpected developments or emergencies
Performing technical support for the operation of electrical and mechanical equipment
Ability to build bridges between the VC and the dozens of most relevant Goddard missions, 
directorates, programs, and offices
Gain a thorough understanding of the VC facility including its security systems, HVAC, lighting, 
audio-visual equipment, computers and use this to work effectively with related Goddard offices on 
its maintenance as well as support the needs of customers using the facility
Provide support to customers using VC facilities to present mission-developed programs, public 
activities, and educator workshops
Provide all regular required reports and respond to all special requests for VC data and images
Liaison as needed with the management of the nearby Goddard Gift Shop
Working flexible hours


∑ Bachelorís Degree in education, one of the Earth or physical sciences, museum studies, or a 
closely related field
∑ Skilled at writing, public speaking and event planning
∑ Excellent written and verbal communication skills
∑ Highly organized, detail oriented with the ability to manage staff, volunteers and projects 
∑ Self motivated with a high degree of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism
∑ Work well other NASA departments to effectively implement programs and special events
∑ Ability to pass a FBI background check needed to obtain a NASA badge
∑ Must be willing to quickly carryout needed learning in order to become thoroughly familiar with 
the Goddard Space Flight Center, its organization, missions, research, and engineering
∑ Experience working in a science center or science museum is a plus

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