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Gilles Denis has initiated a new listserve for discussions of plant sciences, broadly construed, from the late Middle Ages to the advent of Darwin, any culture. I've copied his announcement below.
To sign up, email [log in to unmask]
I am looking forward to fruitful interchanges of research, resources, and queries on HEMPS! 

Thank you, Gilles! 


Karen Reeds, PhD, FLS
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Gilles Denis's announcement:
Subject: History of Early and Modern Plant Sciences (1450-1850) LIST
From:    "Gilles DENIS" <[log in to unmask]>
Date:    Fri, October 18, 2013 10:17 pm

Dear Colleagues,

If you are interested by the History of Early and Modern Plant Sciences
(Botany, plant physiology, horticulture, studies on farming plants,
etc.), from 1450 to 1850, I inform you about  the creation of a new list
"early and modern sciences on plants"? The list name is
plant-early-modern-sciences. If you want to be registred, send a email
to : [log in to unmask]

Best, Gilles DENIS

history of biology - Research in the history of plant physiology and pathology
University of Lille 1 (France)
Research team : UMR Savoirs, Textes et Langage (CNRS, university of
Lille 1 & 3)


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