Hi friends,

For those of you that regularly do illustration for the interpretive museum and exhibit market, I was wondering what your thoughts are on credit lines within artwork.

It's obviously very important that work be attributed - and that the line actually be legible! and it's one thing for the client to agree to that in theory, but  have you ever had a client balk when they actually see a typeset line of "Illustration by…" nested into a beautiful piece of artwork? I'd rather it not have to be there either, from a purely aesthetic point of view - but being mysterious makes it rather hard to earn a consistent living!

I'm working through a contract and defining these options and my client doesn't like the way the proposed typeset credit line (which is small, discreet, typical lower right corner of a white page with entirely hand-drawn artwork floated above) is the only "digital" looking part of the panel (we're currently in R&D sketch phase).


And thank you!


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