Sorry - I was snowed under and did not have a chance to answer until now.

I see you found the glyph palette, and if a font - OpenType or otherwise - has fractions, you will find them there. Simply double-click to insert into your text (at the point where you've placed your cursor).

The OpenType fractions feature works only with OpenType fonts with fraction support. You can access this via the Character panel. In the drop-down menu, choose OpenType > Fractions. Deselect this feature when you no longer need it. 

I've been working with this sort of thing long before OpenType, so I did it manually. Quark has a nice feature called the Library, where you can store characters, words, logos, and yes, even fractions -- and pull from them. The Library can be saved and opened in any document. So you could, essentially, make a library of fractions and pull from them as you needed. However, Indy doesn't have a similar feature. But you could, ostensibly, make fractions in a text box and copy/paste as needed.

There are scripts available, but there may be a fee involved. Or if you are script-saavy, you could write your own. You can also work out find/replace schemes and handle global search/replace schemes.

And yes, you can format your own fractions. Here's how I do it…
I type out the fraction. BUT instead of using the forward slash character, use the FRACTION SLASH instead. On Mac, this character is option+shift+1. And let's just say my body copy is 10 points… I set the size of the numbers to 8 points and then I apply baseline shift to the numerator as desired. And I adjust the kerning as necessary. I do this only once… then copy & paste as needed. Once I've formatted ONE fraction, I can paste, and change the numbers for other fractions.

That pretty much covers it.


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OK, I knew about glyphs, so why didn't I think of them yesterday? That worked, thanks, Britt.

I had already done the labor-intensive, number-by-number way, but the actual proper fractions look far better. Happily, although this is a cookbook, there aren't that many fractions — it's more stories than recipes.

thanks everyone for your advice!

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Here is some Adobe advice for Glyphs:


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