Forwarding this workshop and show info to the list, for those whom might be interested.

Jill's website is She displays alongside Steve Jenkins in the exhibit at the University of Colorado Natural History Museum. The exhibit is beautifully stunning. I highly recommend seeing it!

~Tiffany Miller Russell

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The Beauty of Winged Insects
October greetings from the studio!
Amidst all the flood activity, it has been hard to take time for the deeper practices that sustain and nourish us, like settling into drawing and creative time.  I've been in the studio with some beautiful winged insects, and wanted you to know of some upcoming opportunities to be inspired by them too.
Workshops- The Beauty of Winged Insects
Sunday afternoon Oct 20th I'm offering a workshop where we will have up-close time with some of the most visually interesting winged insects in the CU Natural History Museum collections!  We will look at them with an artist's eye, draw and photograph their amazing structures, and learn from their inspiring details and colors. Come join me for this rare opportunity!        1-3:30PM   $40
Saturday morning Oct 26th  The following weekend is another workshop- this time to create winged creatures using a rich selection of natural materials, inspired by the hundreds of insects I've exhibited in my environmental installation art. We'll be at my studio in North Boulder.             9:30AM - 12:30   $85
REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOPS NOW       at  [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>    303-247-0013                                                                  See the details on the Classes page of the website<>.
Plants and Insects in a Time of Change- my installation art exhibition will be at the CU Museum of Natural History<> just a few more weeks, until October 26th.  Go see how well this work fits into the Cabinet of Curiosities wing of the museum in the Biology area!
Although I have often been part of Boulder's Open Studios event, I am not participating this year. Please support the artists who are, and visit their studios this weekend to show your support and renew your creative energies.
The recent FLOOD in Boulder has left me pondering the forces of nature in a new way.
Along with all the destruction and stress of dealing with the flood, I have a fascination for how water moves across land, and all the radical alterations the force of water creates. As I walk and look down, the ground reveals the depths and marks of the flood. New patterns shape our land and my curiosity about all this is strong. I am eager to learn more and work with water's forces in a visual way. Let me know if you too are seeing water in  new ways and working with it in your art, or writing, or reading.
Be sure to take some time to enjoy autumn's colors and ALL the changes of this season.....

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