Just published: The Dynastine Scarab Beetles of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize.

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The 198 species of dynastine scarab beetles that occur in Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize are comprehensively reviewed. Keys in English and Spanish, descriptions, geographic and temporal distributions, notes on natural history, 885 numbered illustrations, numerous other illustrations, and maps are provided for all species. Also included are synopses of the habitats in each of the three countries and higher-level taxa, a tabular review of all the Dynastinae occurring in Mesoamerica, a glossary, a species checklist, and extensive references. The book is hard bound, 666 pages, and in color.

I regret that the book weighs almost 2 k, and so overseas postage is expensive; we have no control over this. If overseas colleagues know of someone traveling to the States who might hand carry a volume for you, consider this as an option.

Now, on to the next volume in the same format: The Dynastine Scarabs of the West Indies!






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