I am disturbed by the lack of outrage at Boeing's tactics with the 777X.  I wrote to the public editor of the New York Times complaining in particular about an editorial by Joe Nocera in August 22 where he accused the NLRB of hurting job creation.  Now Boeing's actions look like a clear violation of section 8(a)(3) of the NLRA which Obana neutered in one of his grand bargains.  Moreover, Boeing is pitting politicians against each other in a tax cut bidding war.
   I got a nice answer from the public editors' office but no public change at the NYT.  I am not good at URLS, but with google you can find the best answer posted by Jeffrey Hirsch on the American Constitution Society blog.  Anyway, it would be nice to see some more public outrage.   If we want to save the middle class, we won't do it so long as this corporate coercion is tolerated.