Point taken about choices.  But is it really that much of hassle for
someone to have/take the responsibility of posting such things?

I'm here as a lurker because I want to keep in touch with what's going
on, yet I don't have the time or the money or the transportation to go
to meetings or various events.  Hopefully someday. My Facebook feed
has too much going on, yes, I know, more choices.

This list works fine for me; I'd follow it if it wants to leave Yahoogroups.

Maybe instead of pointing fingers and arguing about which is
best/better, we could figure out out to be sure both areas get true
and timely information?

Plus for those of us who would like to see more activity on the list,
what do you/we want to talk about?

And at least one of my Yahoogroups has added an FB group and both seem
to be doing well.   I don't see why that can't happen here.

Have to run, and will think some more,