Things have finally settled down, cars unpacked and the very last laundry
load is in.  I have collected my thoughts, still have some huge blank spots
in them though (like what happened when we marched in for Crown
presentation, was I just an idiot????), but for the most part, I am back on
this earth.

With that I would like to thank everyone on the Crown Tourney staff for all
they did in a site that was totally new for us, and a totally new
experience with not having to fix feast or clean up the rooms at all!  You
did an amazing job and I am proud of you all to no end! I am loving the
Kroc staff to death still, if we needed something all we had to do was ask
and they did their best to accommodate us.  They went I believe, above and
beyond for us.  The servers at feast had a blast! They loved  being in
garb, and blending in, they forgot that they were "working" and enjoyed the
day watching us and felt like they were part of the event.

They did watch some of the fighting from the balcony, and I believe a few
of them might have been bitten by the SCA bug :)

Tavern was yummy ( I want that bbq pork recipe).  The feast was to die for,
I joked with my table mates about the number of forks (do the Pretty Woman
thing, count the tines).

There is one person I want to give special thanks to.  My Co-Autocrat,
Jennifer Bull.  She was the point person at Kroc, if there was a hiccup she
was on it before it became overwhelming.  I could not have done any of this
without her and for that I am eternally in her debt.  I love you Sorcha!

Crown Autocrat.