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> Do I understand from Tibor's post that Martino won Crown for Ariel?
> What else of interest occurred on that day?  Someone please tell.
> Jenna

Correct, Martino and Ariel are our newest Heirs.  I'm taking the liberty to
repost the court summary (already public on FB) for those interested:

Crown Tourney evening court:
Cearan Mac Brendan - Torse
Anne von Weingarten - Swan
Cristina D'Ambuler - Torse
Kaye of Gordon - Swan
Cesare di Lodovico Malefici - AoA
Katherine d'Arles - Cross
Kezia von Holzenhaus - Cross
Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetcikov - Augmentation
Roise ni' Ullachain - Augmentation

Congratulations to all!

- Catrijn