On 11/15/2013 3:16 PM, Jenna wrote:
> I have an off-topic question for the Jewish community.  I saw a t
> shirt commemorating the overlap of Hannukah and Thanksgiving: Eight
> days of Lights, Liberty, and Latkes.  I want one!  My question is,
> would this be inappropriate for me to wear since I am not Jewish?

I can't imagine that anyone but the most ridiculously narrow-minded
person would have any problem with you wearing it, whether or
not you are Jewish.

I, myself, think the whole idea of a big deal about the overlap
of the two (which some people are calling ::shudder:: "Thanksgivukah")
is a bit overblown, but that's a matter of personal taste.

I'd read somewhere that this confluence of the two holidays will
never happen again in any of our lifetimes - so, if you buy that
shirt, don't expect to wear it next year. :-)