> Second is actually serious. One question in the survey asked if we'd
> like to have memorial shields for anyone or any group that is no longer
> with us.
> I think we should do something like this. Pavel is not the only one we
> should remember like we did at Pennsic, in my opinion. Furthermore, I
> would be happy to help make this happen.


> What do you all think?

Good idea for people. Groups, though? Are we talking cantons, shires,
and baronies? Guilds? Households? Loose conglomerations of people who
kept together for two months and then disappeared? Couples who headed
households but got divorced, each taking half the household?

People is easier. Much easier. Who's going to volunteer to keep the
list of those who have departed?

Alban, suddenly hip deep in the morass at the end of Memory Lane