[switching the order a bit...]

 >I personally am not locked into the idea of shields and I can absolutely
 >think of other possibilities. What we might run into is a logistics issue
 >of what space might be at 50th, but it doesn't hurt to see what kind of
 >flexibility we might have.
Errrr, "shields" as in something that you'd carry into a tourney or battle
that has your arms, or as in a useless object that has your arms? I know
I'd absolutely refuse to let my arms go onto the former, but the latter
would certainly have possibilities as a permanent memorial thingie.

 >What would you like for a memorial?
You know, I have absolutely no idea.

Whoever winds up keeping the list of names, I guess, should
also keep the sort of memorial that person would want.

....and the filekeeping requirements for the job of Memorial Names
Keeper is slowly growing....