On 11/21/2013 8:54 AM, Niewoehner, Hugh wrote:
> Haven't played with the Galaxy enough to comment on the Android.

I've used a variety of apps for Android - the default app, the
Gmail app, K-9 and one or two older Outlook-compatible apps.
Largely, this was on Android releases 4.0-current.

They all, by default, top post.  All can be set to do otherwise.
They all permit editing - but the "select and delete" process is
a bit cumbersome.

When using them for private correspondence, I sometimes simply
permit the top posting.  When used for a mailing list, I
edit to permit bottom posting and to reduce clutter and
repetitive posting of material.

I want to emphasize that I am describing my personal preferences
and choices.  I do prefer bottom posting with editing of
previous content, but I don't judge harshly if people choose
otherwise.  This post (with a short quotation from Damon
demonstrating what part of his note I am replying to) is
a good example of what, and why.

	Tibor, nerd with mild preferences