On 11/12/2013 9:51 AM, Mark Schuldenfrei wrote:
> [1] I think my friend Steffan coined the Cascading Bureaucracy Meme
>      about 20 years ago:
>      "We can, therefore we do.
>      We do, therefore we have always done.
>      We have always done, therefore we must always do.
>      We must always do, therefore an officer must oversee the doing.
>      There is an officer, therefore we must report.
>      We must report, else we will lose our tax status."
>      Compare and contrast to "Justin's Rules of Good Bureaucracy":
>      Don't make a Law if a Policy will do.
>      Don't make a Policy if Custom suffices decently well.
>      And don't try to change Custom if things aren't broken
>            in the first place"

Drx asked me to add another of my favorites from Silverwings
Laws, written by Calontir's own Marcus de la Foret:

"There is no niche in the SCA so small that it is safe from some dweeb 
installing a megalithic bureaucracy to regulate it as a favor to the 

(a)There will eventually be a monarch who will reward this dweeb with a 
peerage for installing this atrocity. This will gladden the hearts of 
dweebs and send them in search of their own niche to bless."

	Tibor, friend of Marcus, no friend of dweebs. :-)
	Friend of Goobs, with thanks to Pavel's memory for the lesson.