This was one of those times you should have invoked Logan's Law (speaking of 
Laws)  (2 points for the first one to quote it)

Just say'n


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Being responsible for two HR memos was not nearly as interesting as it 
sounds.  One was, 'Thou shalt not wear sweats'. (long dull story). The 
other, I was the one who quietly went to the supervisor and said, "There is 
a rumor that someone in the other end of office has a handgun in her purse 
and it's got everyone in a tizzy.  Could you track it down and either 
officially deny the rumor or tell everyone it's been dealt with?".  I wasn't 
trying to be a snitch but anyone who has ever seen a bunch of 
cubicle-dwellers going into a gossip-tizzy around the water cooler has only 
an inkling of what  it was like right next to my desk as I tried to work. 
The resulting new rule was, "Thou shalt leave thy weapons in thy car."

Only then did I remember that I had once brought in a six foot real steel 
spear and left it by my desk for eight hours for safekeeping the day I was 
going straight from work to a demo......