On 11/20/2013 1:03 PM, Jim Myers wrote:
> /but Iíve never understood the rationale behind posting at the bottom
> of an email on a discussion list./

There is an old joke about this, Eringlen, an email which

It breaks the context.

Tibor wrote:
 > Why shouldn't you top post?

Not everyone reads or remembers what was written previously, and
(as with your post) sometimes the same previous comment has
multiple aspects.  So you want to emphasize the part you are
replying to.

It's helpful to hammer the context down to the relevant bit. As
I tried to do above.

Personally, I'm not a top or bottom-posting bigot.  They both
have their value.  I do prefer to bottom post, with careful
editing of the context, and that's what I prefer to read.

But I don't really care a lot.  Mostly I'm here for the
beer, the info, to hang with friends, and to give Gabriel
someone he feels safe to pick on. (The big meanie.)


PS Much love for Gabriel.  A most excellent person.  Bring it. :-)