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> use these for determining where to place sidewalks. Thus the new facility
> ended up with walks where they were actually most useful, rather than where
> someone “thought” they should be.

 I like that architect.

> discussion list. It makes anyone reading it have to scroll all the way down
> to see what you’ve written (as anyone following the thread has almost
> certainly already read the previous content). It has always struck me as
> counterintuitive and backward. I only know of a handful of “bottom feeders”,
> thankfully, but it is pet peeve of mine. (  ;]  sorry, Hrothgar!)

A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.

Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?

A: Top-posting.

Q: What is the most annoying thing in e-mail?

 Also, if you look at your email to the list Your Grace, you left ALL
THE CRAP (emphasis, not shouting) at the bottom of your post instead
of deleting the extraneous junk (I deleted it), I know it's just text
(don't get me started on people posting with HTML that insert images
and all kinds of extra crap into an email, thankfully this list strips
that) but it adds up, that 1k of extra crap gets sent out to every
subscriber, who reposts it when they top post, and then someone else
replies and adds even more too it... you should look at a digest of
this list sometime, people not editing their replies makes the digest
nearly useless. :(

Also, google "Why top posting sucks", there's lots of reasons. (Sadly,
mail clients are increasingly less friendly to proper editing and
posting so top posting and failing to edit has won out, that doesn't
mean I have to accept it.

Hrothgar (I also abuse parenthetical asides)

Nullo edactore ligni, consilium cedet. - Countess Magda