I am not Jewish, but will say this.
I know you, and you would wear the shirt because it gets to you in a fun way.  You would not wear the shirt to offend, that would not even be a small part of it.
So go ahead and express yourself, and don't care at all about people who would find offense where none is meant.  Too much effort is made these days to pacify those who basically cannot be pacified, they love to find offense and I am certain that they would be offended at your attempt to try not to offend them.
Treat the rest of the world's adults like they have a clue, expect them to divine your intention before assuming the worst (if they care), and maybe just a few of them will, and that will be a good thing for the world.
Besides, sounds like a cool shirt - how can I get one?
Used to offending where no offense is even considered let alone meant, a conservative individualist Catholic in Northwest Arkansas, grew the beard to hide the rope burns...

> I have an off-topic question for the Jewish community.  I saw a t
> shirt commemorating the overlap of Hannukah and Thanksgiving: Eight
> days of Lights, Liberty, and Latkes.  I want one!  My question is,
> would this be inappropriate for me to wear since I am not Jewish?
> Jenna
> Episcopalian