Greetings good gentles of the heartland!  As winter gains its grip over our hearths and homes, the Barony of Three Rivers would invite you to shake off the winter doldrums and come revel with us at Fasching (a German Mardi Gras) at the annual Chieftains Tournament on February 15, 2014.

In the spirit of medieval Faschings, where women and men exchanged roles, and princes traded clothes with paupers, our event will be a Changeling Chieftains like in the days of old "when a person might for a day be changed to someone else who might suit his or her fancy."  We would encourage all to "Come as you are normally not" this Chieftains.  Perhaps you exchange clothes with your friends, dress to a different station, or a different era/geography than you normally do and celebrate in the manner of our forebearers:

-"A master tailor and acolyte of authenticity might don a terry towel tabard and be Charles the Churl...And who can forget Lunarpuppy Starkraving-Mad-Hatterson (looking much like His Highness Moonwulf)? Queen Kirsten also attended this Changeling feast with her lord.  In honor of this occassion he, to the wonder and merriment of all, shaved his mustache and came wearing his Queen's clothes.  She, to complete the parody, donned his clothes and glued his mustache to her Royal upper lip...Even to this day, our feasters at times raise their glasses as to Merowald and Kirsten and drink to the Queen's Mustache".
--Chronicles of Calontir, Volume 1-Foundations by Craig J Brown (Master Craag); 1995. (The complete Chronicles, available on[quotes used with permission from author]

We hope you will be inspired by the creativity of our forefathers and join us in some good-hearted merriment this February! 

Duchesses Aislinn and Isabeau
Co-event stewards of this year's Chieftains event