As far as who is going to keep track of all of our deceased for the Memorial - start on a local level. Set your standards for the display, then task every group to compile their own by a reasonable deadline, turn it over to a kingdom designee, again, with a deadline. They can forward it to the 50th year committee handling the memorial. 

That way, its not on the 50th year staff to track down every person who has passed in the last 50 years.


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I think banners would be better than shields.  Easier to make, display, transport and store.

Greetings all

I just took the online poll for the SCA 50th event. Basically, it asks what people want for activities there. Support your Eo-fyrd and push for equestrian stuff. Just sayin'

But I have 2 more notes.

First, Drix, you owe me. You'll know why when you see it.

Second is actually serious. One question in the survey asked if we'd like to have memorial shields for anyone or any group that is no longer with us.

I think we should do something like this. Pavel is not the only one we should remember like we did at Pennsic, in my opinion. Furthermore, I would be happy to help make this happen.

I am bringing this up now, even though the event is 2.5 years away, to actually get started on the project if we decide to do this.

What do you all think?


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