As an FYI that I just happened to come across putting this event on my personal looks like there is either an error in the calendar OR they've planned accordingly for this event.  I have the Calontir calendar on my personal Google account and I just noticed that Lilies that year is on the calendar for Wed, June 8, 2016 – Thu, June 16, 2016 and the 50th year starts on the 17th.  I would estimate about an 8-9 hour trip from the Lilies site to the 50th year site.  So if you leave Lilies on the 16th, you should easily be able to make it on the the only issue is getting that much time off.  ;-)
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I have already put in my vacation request for 50th Year and plan on attending that event. As Elasait and Dierdre mentioned - 50th Year is a Society-Wide celebration and will only happen ONCE. There are many very cool activities planned (including a TON of equestrian classes - I plan on teaching some). Details can be found on their website ( and some discussion can be found on their Facebook page ( and there is a very cool Arts & Sciences Challenge for 50 Year (

ALSO - SHAMELESS ANNOUNCEMENT (even if I'm not on the Lilies Committee or Staff) - There is a Lilies Committee meeting at Kris Kinder, in the auditorium, starting at Noon. Do you think Lilies should be moved for 2016? Then I would strongly suggest going to a meeting and speaking out as to why (and maybe offer suggestions - shorter Lilies? Move the date? Open on Monday, instead of Friday? etc.)

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>Personally, I think Lilies should strongly consider moving dates for
>that year only.  We are part of a much bigger organization, and we do
>well to remember that occasionally.  Erich and I are planning on 50th
>year if there is a conflict.

I agree in concept. However, I'm positive that we can NOT get the Lilies site for the first FULL weekend weekend in June, as that is reserved for another group. That's why Lilies starts the 2nd FULL weekend in June, and why we have times like this year, where the first weekend of Lilies includes the 3rd Sunday of June (Father's Day). So I have no idea how to change the date.

Eleanor Deyeson