15 Combatants and Their Consorts gathered around the field.  In the end Duke Martino and Duke Joe Angus meet each other in the final bouts of the Tournament.  
Prince Martino emerged victorious, and along with his inspiration Princess Ariel, will be elevated to be the next King and Queen of Calontir in January. 

Evening court proved to be equally eventful, the awards that were presented are:
Cearan Mac Brendan - Torse
Anne von Weingarten - Swan
Cristina D'Ambuler - Torse
Kaye of Gordon - Swan 
Cesare di Lodovico Malefici - AoA
Katherine d'Arles - Cross
Kezia von Holzenhaus - Cross
Aleksandr Yaroslavovich Vyetcikov - Augmentation
Roise ni' Ullachain - Augmentation

In Service,
Baroness Rebecca Beaumont, OP
Chamberlain to Their Royal Majesties Calontir,
King Damien & Queen Issabell