I always thought Tibor was from the time that rocks were just a few atoms trying to come together.  I'll have to adjust my timeline a bit.


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Since ex cathedra literally means "from the chair", and since I am a King (Laurel King of Arms), I think that proclamations made by Laure are ex cathedra. 
who hasn't got dirt on him
who wasn't around when rocks were soft...that's Tibor
On Wed, Nov 20, 2013, at 12:00 PM, Bruce Lapham wrote:
Gabriel wrote...
>I have, in my many offices (since we're using chronology to explain experience) sent information ex officio (or ex cathedra) >out to unofficial lists all the time. 
Wow!  You've been Pope?  I only had to volunteer for SCA activities to get my "bird."  Things must have been much harder back in the days when rocks were soft and dirt was clean.
Patrick Anderson
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