I will come up with either a music or an artisan class.  Thanks.  Because I am not the music coordinator for the first time in five years, my schedule is open.  When do you need the schedule most?  I can do a marble paper class leading to a bookmaking session, probably over two days. the bookmaking class is probably better for kids over age 8. I would also like to do a beginning recorder class.  Let me know.
HLS Brighid O'Mahuna, Shire of Flinthyll
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Hello Kingdom of Calontir! I am your Lilies youth coordinator this year, and I would like to get the ball rolling by inviting you to sign up to teach our youth! One of the things I have noticed in the past is how the youth coordinator has to struggle to try and fit everyone's schedule together, so to try and alleviate some of that I have created a sign up for you to pick the time slot you would like to teach in. That way you are in charge of your own schedule, and you know when we want to have classes  I will also be sending out a schedule for teen/games tent as well. Please feel free to share this with your lists, the more people we have to help teach our youth, the better war they will have! Bards, if you would like to continue story time, please have someone sign up for that time as well.

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