My daughter has dressed and cooked wild rabbits that her dog caught and killed (in the instances when she sees the bunny while there is still enough of it left to bother with).


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Daisy is a Very Silly Whippet.  Dweezil is a Whiggie -- a whippet/Italian greyhound cross.  He is monstrous large for a Whiggie (same size as Daisy) and dumber than a bag of hammers.  Next to Dweezil, Rocket the Idiot Whippet was an intellectual giant.  

Whippets were bred to catch bunnies.  Rocket clearly did not know he was supposed to CATCH the bunny.  Daisy knows, and Rick the Rocket Scientist has a speadsheet to track her successes.  Dweezil seems to have learnt from Daisy.  Fortunately neither of them have made the connection between Dead Bunny and Food.  (Food is served in a dog dish at their house.  Good Food is the cold hard dry diet dog food found at our house that for some reason only the skinny dogs like.  GREAT Food is begged from Finola under the table when no-one is looking.)

Considering how Anna brushes the dog's teeth and checks them for fleas after each kill I can't imagine her allowing an unwrapped dead bunny in the house for any reason.  But I was curious about the culinary possibilities.


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Excuse my ignorance of your family... but who are Daisy and Dweezil? In my world, that would make the difference... I mean... if they're bunnies, then I'd say you answered your question with the wording... If they're dogs... do bunnies get rabies? I'm having a hard time picturing rabid bunnies...  Just where did they catch them?
Would Daisy and Dweezil be kids? Because that might be awkward to explain... 


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How bad an idea would it be for my family to dine upon the bunnies that Daisy and Dweezil provide?

This was not my idea.  I hope Anna was joking.


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