One of the BEST information sources in the East kingdom right now is the East Kingdom Gazette.  (I happen to be the Tir Mara/Canadian Editor) It is run by a stable of editors who take on the duty one-two days a month to update the gazette with news from the kingdom, 
SCA Inc, etc.   
I have never been one to say “well in *this* kingdom they do this, but in this case Mistress Catrin of the EK has started something really terrific.  SCA Inc is looking at the set up with keen interest as we are getting more hits than the online newsletters.
Sounds like it may be a social information tool that might serve Calontir as well.  We are a wordpress blog – no facebook or G+ affiliation required.
Worth considering, and if folks are interested, I can help set something up – we plan to be home in March