Don't argue that people shouldn't write you off as a luddite because you have good, solid rational reasons to choose not to accept something proven useful because the world is moving on.  That position has no strength in recent times, it won't have any sway today.  Remember, change is inevitable and must be accepted.  It's not like most social change is just decisions that can be rethought and remade, change is a force like a tornado which we have no way of controlling or guiding.  So arguing against the adoption and celebration of change is, while quite noble and often genuine, nonetheless a losing battle.
As the world moves on in the direction ours is,  and this has a ton to do with the pervasiveness and false intimacy brought about by excessive virtual social networking and the acceptance by so many of the 'in every aspect of everyone's life' mentality it carries as a symbiote, so also do manners and customs move in a direction away from the previous rigid and onerous 'rules of etiquette and propriety', and the worst place you can put yourself is stuck squarely in a place where things used to work, believing strongly in what your mama taught you, without at least considering loosening your standards as the world around you relaxes theirs.
Right?  Wrong?  Not smart enough to say for everybody, wouldn't want to say for everybody.  Wrong for me.  A bit upsetting when holding to something that is in all reality decent and workable causes me to lose functionality because others decide to play differently, and the need to change is not there.  But I have given up on considering myself important enough that others must consider what I want when making their decisions, who am I to make such a claim or ask it to be enforced.
Better go sit in my corner voluntarily before someone comes out and orders me to...
(What?  Is that a huge Knight I see, with 4 gigantic arms flailing menacingly in the wind?  Certainly honor demands I tilt at it...)
Kaz Quixote, Luddite

>> I expect the email list to become increasingly outdated and used
>> less â€" the world is moving on. And it is far easier to
>> participate vicariously through others on FB, after all…  ]
> Agreed. But there are good, solid, rational reasons to choose not
> to be on FB, and they have been clearly explained. Writing it off
> to ludditism is disingenuous, to put it politely.