To answer Alban's very intriguing question.
One day, long back in the annals of history, too long ago for most to remember, Valens on the Throne and Eringlen acting as impromptu cohort put together a little something for me.  When it came time, as a Peer, to go up and swear fealty, they agreed for me to come up with the Chiv, to swear a modified Knight's oath on my bow, and asked me to swear to bind myself, like a Knight would, in perpetuity through that oath.  As far as I know this has never been done for another Laurel.  It was only Eringlen and I on the dias that day with Valens (small event) but they knew that this was something important in the movie that played in my head, that it didn't matter if the rest of the world participated knowingly, that there was a reason I took the path to Peerage I took, and that it wasn't the gentler arts, but the path of a different kind of warrior.
They created something for me.  More importantly, this possibly controversial thing did not force anything on anyone else, and accomplished the desired goal better than any official thing ever would.  They recognized that someone was paying attention, and that through it all they were aware how I treated my personal game differently than the other folks playing in my little corner of the playground.  They gave me my little piece of the dream (not the first time Jim from I.T. showed the superhero powers contained in his cyclas and hosen, or Mike the high school history teacher made the day better by the power of the long tunic and deerskin - to me and many others)
And yes, I have let the world know Kaz's vulnerability.  Anyone who knows me understands the personal power I give those who I swear oaths to. It is my Kryptonite.  I hope that if any Crown decides to use it, they understand what they are doing.
I don't know what one thing I could do to assure that things like this happened far more often, because you cannot legislate or regulate the kind of consideration for everyone that showed in that solution.  It's not in the rules, it's in the spirit, and you cannot create that with rules.
I would probably change nothing, because those actual first days led to the actual early days of Calontir, days where the attitude was different because the particular purpose and focus, driven by the times at hand, was still string and directly in front of us.  Fix the problems before the rebellion, the outcome would be different.  Perhaps better, perhaps not, but in my eyes the likelihood of better is slim (even with the problems) and the move away from those days no matter how inevitable (and that is inevitable, the forces in the world that are very much beyond our control conspire to throw new wrenches into life daily, and as we adapt to them the old reasons for rebellion fade, so when you are driven by any 'Us against _______' idealism, as we were, it becomes silly to continue challenging 'thems' that no longer exist (not to be confused with continuing to challenge 'thems' that exist and have lost no influence today).  
Perhaps there is one thing.  I would have wished to be back at day one, to be persuasive enough to carry forward from that day the whole set of ideals and expectations of early Calontir, so the concept would be there from the beginning and not just in challenge to something passing that developed later.  To shape by teaching and example.
But (yep, that word.  Means 'ignore everything before this word and only pay attention to what comes after') no, there are far too many people who have benefitted from where they were and what they experienced as I have here, so again, not being smart enough to say what's right for everyone, I wouldn't change a thing because this game was created naturally and organically around the obstacles of our own tyrants and fools and heroes and saints by those who played, those who invested.  And yes, the changes or lack thereof left a bunch of bitterness in many people and a bunch of joy in others, the community spoke and said in some cases they felt one group was more important than another.  When that happens, and sometimes options are so diametrically opposed that it is unavoidable, it hurts and drives away many who loved what they did, and for those who stay it clouds the vision with scar tissue and the dream will never be what it was again.  Fact of life, but because the one true way is to let individuals and communities guide their own destiny (hey, Free Will is the one thing God never took from people even when at times he removed everything else from their grasp, maybe it is the one thing we shouldn't try to limit either?) with as little intervention and forceful interference from others as possible, I would be hypocritical to suggest something that would change that.  And for all my myriad and significant flaws, hypocrisy is not one in any major way.
significantly more maudlin philosophical in the last couple of days than normal
or should I say
Kazimierz Verkmastare
Loyal archer to the Crown of Calontir, bow braced and eagerly awaiting the Crown's rightful com....(sob...just can't)

>> Maybe instead of pointing fingers and arguing about which is
>> best/better, we could figure out out to be sure both areas get
>> true and timely information?
> I'm in the "not one or the other, but both" school. Some prefer
> FaceBook, some email, some even [gasp] Yahoo Groups. Would it be
> possible to use 'em all? Or the most popular 2 or 3?
>> Plus for those of us who would like to see more activity on the
>> list, what do you/we want to talk about?
> "If you were going to start the SCA from ground zero, back in 1966,
> knowing what you know now about what we do and how we do it, what
> one thing would you change?"
> ....that should get a discussion going :-)
> Alban