Wow! That is brilliant! How many contributors are there?

Maerwynn, impressed :)

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>   One of the BEST information sources in the East kingdom right now is
> the East Kingdom Gazette.  (I happen to be the Tir Mara/Canadian Editor) It
> is run by a stable of editors who take on the duty one-two days a month to
> update the gazette with news from the kingdom,
> SCA Inc, etc.
>  I have never been one to say “well in *this* kingdom they do this, but
> in this case Mistress Catrin of the EK has started something really
> terrific.  SCA Inc is looking at the set up with keen interest as we are
> getting more hits than the online newsletters.
>   Sounds like it may be a social information tool that might serve
> Calontir as well.  We are a wordpress blog – no facebook or G+ affiliation
> required.
> Worth considering, and if folks are interested, I can help set something
> up – we plan to be home in March
> Bess

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