PS tomorrow I will be setting up the December Event map, for example. I am glad to share what I know how to do!

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You can see how the staff is broken down on the “ABOUT” page. We find it very useful having ONE boss, but she is excellent about running policy through the editorial staff, first.  We also have an e-list for all the editors to chat about ideas, a place to store our photography permission-to-use letters, etc. We have one editor who chases BOD meeting info/reports, for example.   You could have one for each region, or barony, etc, how you decide the delineation of duties would be up to you all. We glean info from facebook, etc but have slowly taught EK-ers to send us articles directly as we post nothing without the author’s OK. This month I am editor two days, sometimes once sometimes (like in the summer when I am stuck at home with the B&B) I take one 3-4 days per month as others travel.  We will get reports from wars, we post court reports like Her Majesty has been doing on Facebook.  We do draw the line on advertising, we just don’t advertise merchants, but will events, demos, etc.  An interesting exhibit at he museum?  We’ll share the details.   Calontir will put their own spin on it that will reflect our own culture, but heck, the possibilities are endless.   I am on duty tomorrow and am glad to share what I do with anyone who really want to try this.


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Wow! That is brilliant! How many contributors are there? 

Maerwynn, impressed :)

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  One of the BEST information sources in the East kingdom right now is the East Kingdom Gazette.  (I happen to be the Tir Mara/Canadian Editor) It is run by a stable of editors who take on the duty one-two days a month to update the gazette with news from the kingdom,  SCA Inc, etc.