I've just sent a note asking for a tentative spot on the Kris Kinder schedule.  Looks like right now the only spots open are at 9:00 ... there are some later in the day but they're opposite the Pelican and Laurel meetings.


Maestra Suzanne de la Ferté
Kingdoms of Calontir and Northshield
Da ambiente e ospitalità sono la bellezza
From ambiance and hospitality come beauty
Mangiare! Mangiare! Siete tuttu troppo sotille!
Eat! Eat! You're all too thin!

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Bess wrote:
Might I add one more piece of gazette grooviness: it is searchable via tags on the articles, you can go back and read again items of import or interest which is harder to do on the e-list (though not impossible) and very very hard, (if not impossible), on facebook. 
I imagine it can also be set up to be index-able by search engines (like Google) so people will get it showing up in search results. This will drive traffic to the SCA sites when the general public searches for things we talk about. This would be a GOOD THING(tm) for recruiting new members who don't realize we exist. This is a big plus over email lists, FB, G+, etc.
Ok, I’ll stop waving the pom-poms...
But you look so cute in that little skirt...

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