Morning court of the fields of Cattle Raids:

Maren - Huscarl 
Auxilius - Huscarl

Evening Court at Cattle Raids:

Rhiannon of Crystal Mynes - Eo Hirth
Tiberius Valerius Germanicus - AoA
Katryn le Jeune - AoA
Killian lo Schermidore - Swan
Moire inghean Neill - Mallet
Yvette - AoA
Halldora Gudnirsdottir - AoA
Belinda of Mag Mor - Torse
Sybella the Dreamer - Torse
Luther Randwulfsson - Queen's Chalice
Vilhelm Lich - Cross
Owain ap Bleddynellwyd - Augmentation
Sakurai no Jirou Takeo (aka Jeremiah Jennings)
Kingdom of Calontir
Barony of Forgotten Sea
Canton of Aston Tor
Champagne Players
Argent, a torii gate gules and on a chief wavy sable three cherry blossoms argent