I'd like to second Bess.

Calontir has a history of not making bureaucracy and rules and
officerships where it isn't needed. This is one of those things where
it isn't needed. Keep it unofficial. Have the people who want to run it
run it.

It does not replace the newsletter...and frankly, I still prefer the
newsletter for information about events and such like (please people
put directions either in site fliers or on the event webpage.

This is, as Bess put it, a newspaper. Let it be an unofficial one.


(who, despite his various jobs in the SCA, hates bureaucracy in the

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013, at 11:00 AM, SJPaterson wrote:

Suggestion : do NOT make this more complicated than it has to be.  We
have been running the EK Gazette for a year + now with common sense and
volunteers and not as an official SCA  staffed function.  The secret is
to not over work your staff and be respectful of whatever guidelines
are established.  But please do NOT add to the bureaucracy if you don’t
have to.  And it s a newspaper and will function as such as a daily
sources of reactive information. – the kingdom already has the
newsletter,  THE MEWS, and this will never replace that.


From: [1]Sarah Steinhoff
Wow!  This took off FAST! Fantastic!  I guess now would be a good time
to introduce myself.  For those who don't yet know me, my name is Roise
inghean ui Rhauidhrie and I'm the Kingdom Social Media Officer.  I've
been keeping tabs on this digital news letter idea and I think it's
brilliant.  There is lots to discuss as to where in the Kingdom Law
this will fall and I look forward to discussing this and other ideas
with everyone at the meetings at Kris Kinder and 12th Night!  I look
forward to this exciting idea!

Roise ighean ui Rhauidhrie
Kingdom Social Media Officer
Kingdom of Calontir

Patrick Anderson
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"No matter how much you feed the wolf,
he keeps looking at the forest." --Ilse Lehiste


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