In my opinion if we are allocating space for meeting at an event it is an official endeavor. It seems that we have a problem with fragmentation of information already. I would rather see us strive to improve existing areas of communication. How many groups have Calendars and websites that are not  up-to-date. Why Is it necessary to sign up for a Facebook page and a yahoo group to get a full picture of what is going on in most groups? I am sure the others that disagree with me but I would like to see the energy that would be put into this project put into consolidating and improving our existing communication. Please forgive me if this seems like a rant. I usually like most folks lurk on this list because I wish to know what is going on in the kingdom and for a change I thought I would add my thoughts  to the discussion

LD Zachariah Lochrie
(mka) Zachary McDonald


On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 8:51 AM, Mark Schuldenfrei <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
On 11/11/2013 8:32 PM, Daniel Brizendine wrote:
Roise I would ask you how you feel with your interperation of the
newsletter within current Kingdom law.  It is not in fact the issue that
what is legal in the East or An Tir or any other Kingdom potentially not
legal in the Calontir.  As a newbie I am just asking a question, please
remember I am still newish.

Calontir must and should do what works for Calontir.

In this particular case, the East Kingdom Gazette is not an
SCA activity.  It's written and managed by SCA people, and
they write about the SCA.  But it's no different than if it
was written by Contract Bridge people about Contract

It's not unusual for people to think "it has something to do
with the SCA, the SCA must run it and make rules about it".
That's so common, friends of mine have been making silly
references to it for nigh onto 20 years. [1]

But it's not necessary.  Sometimes, the best thing to do (like
the original Kingdom web pages and Kingdom mailing lists,
or current Kingdom Facebook pages) is to just do things, and
see if the Corporation ever catches up. :-)


[1] I think my friend Steffan coined the Cascading Bureaucracy Meme
    about 20 years ago:
    "We can, therefore we do.
    We do, therefore we have always done.
    We have always done, therefore we must always do.
    We must always do, therefore an officer must oversee the doing.
    There is an officer, therefore we must report.
    We must report, else we will lose our tax status."

    Compare and contrast to "Justin's Rules of Good Bureaucracy":
    Don't make a Law if a Policy will do.
    Don't make a Policy if Custom suffices decently well.
    And don't try to change Custom if things aren't broken
          in the first place"