I was privately asked if a group of individuals who started an online news site about Calontir would have to report to the Kingdom Social Media officer or perhaps one of the other publications officers.  I responded by saying "No."

Think of it this way.  A group of table top gamers from all over the world want to start a website devoted to sharing news about various games, cons, and gaming tournaments.  Wizards of the Coast doesn't care as long as the group refrains from claiming official status as the voice of WoC, or says anything that could be considered libelous.

As for the question of whether having a meeting at an event constitutes official is answered by current Calontir custom, which is NOT to make it an official activity.  One example is the group of people who participate in the enchanted ground activities.  At one time they had a small area of the Lilies site set aside for their very period camp and activities.  Calontir did not require them to create any bureaucracy.  I do not see the need to break that tradition.

In short, (too late) the official word of the Calontir Kingdom Seneschal is...
Have fun making an online newspaper or whatever.  Make sure you clearly state that it is not an official publication of the SCA.  Don't print anything that would be considered libel.  Don't make me make a rule.  Calontir doesn't need more officers.

I remain a servant of the Crown.
Maighstir Murdoch
Calon Steward


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