Some fun things that also happened last week (aside from Crown and finding our new Heirs - congratulations Your Highnesses, Martino & Ariel!) - HG Eringlin, HG Alethea, and I went down to Leander, TX for the 3rd Annual Lysts on the Lake. Photos can be found circulating Facebook & Picasa, as well as at the following link ( There were 3 areas of competition: Joust a' Plaisance, Melee a' Cheval, and Chivalric Equitation. His Grace competed in all three with his awesome steed, Chocolate Moose. I competed in the Chivalric Equitation with Kacey of the Flaming Hooves (and I was one of two scoring judges for the Joust a' Plaisance.) Kacey was ridden by Master Terafan (of Atlantia) in all three areas, as well.

We had a grand time and got to meet people from all over (including the awesome inspiration, Sarah Hay, who flew in from Australia!)

So, while we were sad to miss Crown Tournament, rest assured that we were supporting Calontir in our own way. ;-)

Ever in Service (and Fun),

THL Eowyth ža Sišend