I just received this email solicitation for an article, based on my WLA
paper. I imagine that everyone presenting at the conference is likely to
get one. Beware, it's a scam. They suck you in with an offer to publish,
then charge you at the last minute. More details here:

Some articles I've read on these sorts of journals in the past few years
suggests that they don't even actually do peer-review, they just claim to.


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  Dear  Tom Lynch    ,

This is Modern Education Review (ISSN 2155-7993), a professional journal
published worldwide by Academic Star Publishing Company, New York , NY, USA.

We have learned your paper
*“  "Reconciliation with Place: Bioregional Narratives of
Reinhabitation in the US West and Australian Outback     *
'at  *2013 Western Literature Association Conference*   If you have the
idea of making our journal a vehicle for your research interests, please
send the electronic version of your paper to us through email attachment in
MS word format. All your original and unpublished papers are welcome.

Hope to keep in touch by email and publish some papers or books from you
and your friends in USA. As an American academic publishing group, we wish
to become your friends if necessary. We also want to invite some people to
be our reviewers or become our editorial board members. If you are
interested in our journal, you can send your CV to us.

You can find our sample issue in the attachment. Expect to get your reply

Best regards,


 Journal of Modern Education Review

Academic Star Publishing Company

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 Call for Paper


Journal of Modern Education Review (ISSN 2155-7993) is an international,
professional, and peer reviewed journal, monthly published in English by
Academic Star Publishing

Company, USA. It is a scholarly journal of opinion
and research in education. Its mission is to provide an interdisciplinary
forum for discussion and debate about education's most

vital issues. It
covers a wide range of topics of current concern in education. Each issue of
it will contain a variety of articles, essays, and book reviews. We are
interested in receiving

well-written and timely papers from individuals for
possible publication. The focus of the publication is original completed
research that has application to academicians, researchers,

administrators, and teachers within the broad areas of education.

We would welcome manuscripts on (but not limited to):

*cultural and linguistic continuity and change;

*ethnicity, class, gender and diversity in education;

*systems and infrastructure development;

*cultures and discourses of educational organizations;

*educational policy responses;

*migrant and indigenous education;

*historical and current educational relationships between Asian and Pacific
countries and systems;

*relationships with the educational ideas and systems of the "North" and

*the impacts of new communication media and technologies, new and hybrid
cultural forms and practices, and globalised economies on education;

*other topics related to education.

*Information for Authors*

1. The manuscript should be original, and has not been published previously.
Do not submit material that is currently being considered by another

2. The manuscript should be in MS Word format, submitted as an email
attachment to our email box.

3. Manuscripts may be 5000-12000 words or longer if approved by the
editor,including an abstract, texts, tables, footnotes, appendixes,
and references.

The title should be on page 1 and not exceed 15 words, and should be
followed by an abstract of 100-200 words. 3-5 keywords or key phrases are

4. The title of the paper should be on the cover sheet as well as the top of
the first page of text. Author names and affiliations should be on the cover
sheet only.

5. Authors of the articles being accepted are required to sign the Transfer
of Copyright Agreement form.

6. Authors will receive 2 hard copies of the journal within their papers.

7. It is not our policy to pay authors.

*Peer Review Policy*

Journal of Modern Education Review is a refereed journal. All research
articles in this journal undergo rigorous peer review, based on initial
editor screening and anonymised

refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

*Editorial Procedures*

All papers considered appropriate for this journal are reviewed anonymously
by at least two outside reviewers. The review process usually takes 4-6
weeks. Papers are accepted

for publication subject to no substantive,stylistic editing. The
Editor reserves the right to make any necessary
changes in the papers, or request the author to do so, or reject the paper
submitted. A copy of the edited paper along with the first proofs will be
sent to the author for proofreading. They should be corrected and returned
to the Editor within seven days.

Once the final version of the paper has
been accepted, authors are requested not to make further changes to the

*Submission of Manuscript*

All manuscripts submitted will be considered for publication. Manuscripts
should be sent online  h
or as an email attachment to:  [log in to unmask]
[log in to unmask],

Address: Academic Star Publishing Company, 70 West 86th Street, #CN0267, New
York, NY 10024, USA

228 East 45th Street #CN0267 New York NY 10017 USA

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Journal of Modern Education Review