Hi Everyone,
       Myself and our collection manager Dr. Andy Boring will be hand carrying several loans to the ESA/ECN meetings for scientists interested in our Oklahoman material, and would like to extend the offer to anyone else who would like to borrow some of our material. Our major strength is beetles (especially aquatic beetles), but we do have several regional holdings Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera and other insect groups. 90% of our Coleoptera holdings and nearly 100% of our other insect groups are also databased, so if you send a list of what you'd be interested in we can send you back an excel file of what we have.
       Looking forward to seeing you guys this week!
Katrina Menard, PhD
Curator, Department of Recent Invertebrates
t. 405.325.6810  
f. 405.325.7699 
Sam Noble Museum
University of Oklahoma 2401 Chautauqua Ave. Norman, OK 73072-7029 
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