From: Cannatella, David
Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2013 11:49 PM
To: Hendrickson Dean; Jha, Shalene; Mueller, Ulrich; Moran, Nancy A; Reddell, James R; Gilbert, Lawrence E
Cc: Theriot, Edward; Jansen, Bob
Subject: Job Ad for Insect Curator

Attached is the job ad, which can be distributed as you feel appropriate. Of course, we hope to generate some excitement for this position through the ESA meetings next week.

Thanks to all for your suggestions, and edits.

Bob Jansen has looked at this, especially in regard to teaching, and is highly encouraging of hiring someone to teach these courses.  He also felt that mention of the Biodiversity Institute would be premature.

I'm looking forward to see the group of applications. We will set up a url where applications can be downloaded for your review. I will email later with a plan for evaluating applications, meeting, etc.

Note that there is no specific deadline; 1 Dec is when we will begin to review applications, and we can accept them at any point.

Thanks again for your willingness to help,