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Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity Section
Entomological Society of America
Graduate Student Endowment
Fund Raising Drive 2013

Dear ECN member,
Over the last three years, the ESA SysEB section has made competitive research travel awards to 24 graduate students (5 of 123 applicants in 2013). These awards provide funding for student fieldwork and research travel to other institutions or museum collections in order to enhance SysEB student research. A rigid set of submission and evaluation protocols has been established for the awards as administered by the SysEB elected section executive committee (http://www.entsoc.org/governance/other/sections/syseb). As expected, we cannot fund all of the requests. We need to do more.
Thanks to a generous donation from Tom Rogers (ECN & ESA member) in 2012, the SysEB section was able to set up a permanent Endowment Fund dedicated for student research. Over the past year, we have worked with the ESA to move these funds from a negligible interest-bearing account into a protected part of the ESA general reserve management fund, which garners a much higher investment return. To date, we have been able to deposit $28K into the fund. Importantly, only the earned interest can be spent through SysEB on the student travel and research awards. Obviously, this is not enough!
Once again, I am asking that you consider making a donation to this fund and help grow it to a more substantial resource that can be used to increase or enhance these awards to our students.
All donations are tax deductible, and are going to an exceptionally good cause -- our students. I am asking that you dig deep and help to sponsor our next generation of systematic and evolutionary biologists. They are worth every penny.
John Heraty
Endowment Organizer
Please mail your tax deductible donations to:
Entomological Society of America
SysEB Section Graduate Student Endowment
10001 Derekwood Lane, Suite 100
Lanham, MD, 20706-4876, USA
Please add:  "SysEB Graduate Student Endowment" to the note field on the check and indicate if you would like a receipt.