My apologies if you are only interested in what is going on in Calontir, but in other parts of the Known World there is interest in coursing. It has been done at Gulf Wars for a number of years and in dog wagons.

I wish I had more info on coursing, but I'm not involved in that.  My 16 lb. American Eskimo dog is just totally the wrong animal for that, both physically and temperamentally. :-) However, he does pull a wooden wagon at outside SCA events that allow dogs.

There is a FB group for this, "Medieval Dog Carting".

And here is an file in the TRAVEL section of the Florilegium on adapting your own wagon to be pulled by your dog. Dogs can pull two to three times their weight, so many folks do find them useful in helping to unload the car or haul things around the site.
Dog-Carts-art (24K) 11/15/06 "Dog Carts and Draft Dog Training: Directions to Convert a European Style Hand Wagon into a "Period" Dog Wagon" by Lady Rachael of Bhakail.


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> Greetings from Sofya
> A few years ago, there were some initial exploration of canine activities in Calontir.  Is anyone who was involved in that still around?  
> Anyone playing with their dogs in Calontir?
> Sofya
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