Thank you Tbor, I was trying to pen a reply that said this exactly, but knew I didn’t have the talent to not add to the crap pile.  The best I could do was point out the hypocrisy in the admonishment with my very ‘mature’ “Yo, Pot, Kettle calling”.   Not very useful to say the least.

So, Thank you!!

From: Mark Schuldenfrei 
Iamys, I think we are very much in agreement about the complexities of combat and both of their relationships to history.

I think you made two terrible mistakes.

The first was to make it a master of persons or personalities. We should be able to share facts and opinions without that.

The second was to slag Kirk. There is nothing wrong with him or how he upholds the standards of peerage. Nothing.

Kirk, I am sorry to be part of such a conversation.

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