Holidays are a wonderful time to count our blessings, to spend time with
those we hold dear, and, if you're anything like me, put away all the
crafty things and restore a semblance of order to the house for at least 48

Once upon a time, I had brainstormed a really great list of ideas for
largess. Then the list disappeared. At Thanksgiving, when I reorganized the
craft room and put away all the crafty things, I found it........and then I
put it somewhere safe, and it disappeared. I am pleased to say, however,
that in the putting away of all the yarn, fabric, misc. crafty things for
Christmas, the list has reappeared.

Some ideas are simple. Some are more involved. Some could be accomplished
before War Maneuvers. Some might be better to attempt in time for Cattle
Raids this summer. Some of these things, I know how to do. Some I do not.
Therefore, without further ado, I am sharing the list with all of you!

Papier Mache laquered boxes
Spice bottles/boxes
Horn rings/bracelets
Fresh/candied/dried ginger
Flower waters
Tiny pouches
Dried Herbs
Herb sachets
Carved Toys
Bobbin lace
Handcrafted paper
bone/antler needles
Small books
Flavored sugars

If anyone has anything they would like make/teach off of this list, please
let me know! I would be pleased to teach something with flower waters,
vinegars, herb sachets and flavored sugars, and would be glad to help with
anything else. Many of the things on this list are things I would like to
learn, too!

I have recently come into quite a bit of beeswax, and would like to melt
and remold it into small cakes to contribute to largess. Anyone who would
like to join me, please contact me on or off list.

In addition, Ingeborg has so very graciously volunteered to help coordinate
the medallion etching project, so if anyone is interested in etching some
medallions, please contact her to participate in that project.

Also, I am always open to new ideas!

In Service,