Greetings, all.


For the Yule Court feast tomorrow, we will have our traditional stone soup.
The idea is for everybody to bring something to contribute to the soup.  I
have volunteered to bring the pots, stones, various herbs & spices, and to
be the soup minder/coordinator for the day.


I plan to make 2 pots of soup:  one with meat and one without.  If possible,
I'd like to try to make the one without meat be one that everybody can eat,
even if they have dietary restrictions.  


If you are planning to attend Yule Court and have a dietary restriction you
would like me to try to work around (like can't eat gluten, cloves,
mushrooms, etc.), please let me know prior to the start of the Yule Court
event specific things you can't have.  I'll ty to make a tasty soup that all
can eat.  


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