Yes, I know I spelled both of your names wrong.. I apologize

I have 10 or so baby blankets/comfort quilts from the Linus people. I found them while packing our church RGL department to move to a new building.  The church member who participated in the Linus quilt project is no longer around, and I'm stuck with these quilts. Many of them already have the Linus tag on them.

I'm wondering if Leofwenna (again, I apologize for butchering your name) would like them for the NICU? If not, I will donate them somewhere else, but they were intended for parents of NICU patients, so I thought of you first.

If you can use them at your hospital, I can either bring them to meeting on Weds, or Al and I could drop them off to you this evening.


Yvette Davis, MH,. RMT, HTP-C

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