Greetings from your friendly, neighborhood largess coordinator!

As the title of this missive suggests, time grows short until the warriors of this Kingdom gather in our fair Barony to practice the art of war, and we have the pleasure of their Majesties' presence. As such, I would like to call upon the artisans of the Barony to practice their own arts, that we might present their Majesties with the beautiful bounty of the Barony.

That is correct, this largess coordinator is attempting to coordinate some largess!

I know many of you already have largess prepared that you wish to contribute, and I would like to try and collect everything before War Maneuvers. January 13th is when I return to classes, and after that, I will be unable to attend Wednesday night meetings due to an evening class scheduled directly during meeting time. However, contact me on or off list, and I would be glad to pick up whatever anyone might have to contribute. Also, Felix may be available to collect largess.

Many, many thanks to all of you for your hard work!

In Service,