I picked up one of these in the original Kickstarter campaign it cam about a week ago!  I just 
played with it a little so far. You definitely have to keep still when using it or the image does 
move around. Probably best to stat with a reference target point and always check that it is still 
aligned before adding more to the image.

This might be woth a blog entry since lots of people are interested. If they want to go to the GNSI 
blog entry on the Amazon donation page for GNSI and start from there, that will put a small donation 
in the GNSI coffers.


On 12/11/13 9:10 PM, Amy J. Gagnon wrote:
> Hi Britt,
> I just saw your post about shopping for GNSI on Amazon.  I just posted that the Neolucida has just
> been released.  Maybe the two ideas could be put together?  Get a NeoLucida and support GNSI?
> Pablo Garcia (one of the inventors) was scheduled to come to the conference- I was so sad when he
> cancelled!  Anyway, maybe GNSI isn't allowed to advertise/endorse particular products.  I just
> thought I'd pass that idea on!
> Cheers,
> Amy
>     Just use Amazon's SMILE subdomain when entering the store (use the link below). The GNSi will
>     get 0.5% of your purchase as a donation from Amazon. This applies to USA sales only.

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