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Subject: [SCIART] Sky Island Paint-out on Tumamoc Hill with Linda M. Feltner


Check out Paul Mirocha's Tumamoc Sketchbook blog!


I asked fifteen artists to join me on Tumamoc Hill, Tucson, AZ, for a day to
paint at the U of A Desert Lab. The landscape is a working lab and the
public is restricted to the paved road that extends to the top of the hill,
where petroglyphs and artifacts from an Anasazi community can be found. The
historic stone buildings provided facilities as well as wonderful subjects
to draw. This living laboratory gave us an ungroomed Sonoran Desert
landscape. I would like to offer more workshops at this fascinating place.


The Sky Island Paint-out was organized as an opportunity for artists to
explore this new landscape to paint in Tucson. I started the day with a
"Today's Focus" challenge that would encourage artists to think and sketch


Paul Mirocha, Resident Artist, facilitated this event, and has written an
article for the Tumamoc Sketchbook. Paul's blog highlights the interview of
my goals and "Today's Focus" assignment, and is illustrated with images of
the sketches produced. 


Paul gave us an introduction to the value of this island of desert in the
boundary of Tucson, and gave us much to think about while we sketched.  We
all had a wonderful experience, the weather was pleasant, and we all want to
do it again soon.


I want to especially thank Paul, in facilitating this opportunity to paint
and inspiring us all. 


The link below is of the Tumamoc Sketchbook. Check it out!


Very best,



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